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I got a loan with them, been paying every single month on time. I had a eye surgery which called me not to be able to make my payment on the 10, I called and talked with Candice and she said pay it before they closed at 5:30, I told her I was go pay online and she told me okay when I got online to pay it said the account was locked by administrators I called she kept sending me to voicemail. After that I called the office and they kept sending... Read more

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I switched to MotorMax from a previous title company. I paid my loan off twice and borrowed again. My financial situation changed so I took the car to turn in to them and the office was no longer in St. Louis where I took the loan out. So I called the Georgia office and they gave me an address to bring the car to. I did they received the car. I got a bill in the mail saying I owed them... how does that happen when I turned the... Read more

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  • Jul 04
  • #876658

All i can tell you don't fool with them

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I paid my vehicle off I had to chase my title for2 months the account rep made it hard to payS.L.Jones . What should have been a great day turned into a nightmare . 2 months later the account rep.never turned in the paper work for my title to be sent nor the second set of keys ,I am still calling and chasing those items. Incompentance is the word used to discribe the account rep. S.L. Jones Shamel L. Jones . This auto was purchased at the Motor... Read more

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I had switched to them from another company because they promise i could p ay off sooner with less interest. I borrowed 3500.00. I paid every month for 18 months. I lost my job and missed one payment. I called to let them know i was back to work and would catch up on Friday. On thursday they repo my car. I had to pay 3400.00 plus , pay the repo people 800.00 for 5 days of storage. These people are crooks. Do not use their services. They will... Read more

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They lumped two car payments together for me and somehow ended up DOUBLING the amount I should have owed for both. They gave me $500 extra which I took because I really needed it at the time. Then every time I tried to call them to talk about any payments or paying it off I couldn't get anyone on the phone. I'd get transfered and transfered until I got someone's voice-mail and would never get a call back no matter how many messages I left (and... Read more

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I let them transfer my title loan from another company and they gave me more money I only owed a little over $1,900.00 to have my title paid off they called and said I could get $600.00 more on my title since I been paying on time, so I got the $600.00. I later looked at my paperwork and noticed I now owe over $4,000.00 to get my title back. Should only have been $2,500.00 after the $600.00 loan, so yes they are a rip off company, manipulating... Read more

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  • Nov 12, 2015
  • #733192

I baught a car from motor max and i still have it but it'snothing but troubleitwent in the shop 9times in6 months for the same problem christian worthley said they fixed the problem he lied i had to have the problem fixed

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I applied to finance a car at Motormax & was approved w/ the down payment I had. After they bought the car at the auction, I waited for a week. When the car was ready Christian changed info on me and said he paid more than he thought he would for the car & I couldn't get it with the down payment I had. They tried to put me in another car that was raggedy and smelled like smoke. I took my business elsewhere and bought the same car I... Read more

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  • Jan 25, 2015
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We bought a car there and it was in the shop every 2 months and we had to take it to where the warranty comp told us to. All they did was buy time until the warranty ran out and then told me I had cracked headgaskets. We paid $14,000 for the car and a little more than a year later we sold it for $1000.00. The cat was undrivable most of the time we owned it due to it overheating.

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